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Business Development

New markets, potential customers and strategic partners form the basis for your growth. We accompany the conception of your strategy on the basis of organic growth, reorientation or company acquisitions. Our focus is also on internationalization in Eastern Europe and Great Britain.

  • Sales strategy - market/product/team/self-definition/perspectives in workshops and as management support
  • Sales training - individual for specialists and managers
  • Market observation - overall market and potential target markets in the media sector
  • Location - analysis of existing locations and evaluation of potential new locations in Germany and abroad (focus on Southern/Eastern Europe, UK, USA)
Acquisition / Restructuring

Production Executive Management

Risk policy
Based on your corporate strategy and risk policy, we create an individual profile.
On this basis, all other processes are automated, centrally supported.
On-Boarding / Re-Boarding
Compliance Management System
Based on the current legal situation and case law, we determine the topics for the respective roles together with you. We take care of the provision and, if necessary, creation of the content.
  • Criminal law topics: Whenever management and executives are exposed to special, personal risks, we prioritize the risk to the highest level (e.g. violation of the Weapons Act for decorative weapons, Money Laundering Act for cash transactions in the area of motive rental or vehicles)
  • Administrative offenses / high penalties: In the case of fines that threaten the existence of the company or similar legal consequences, the priority is very high (e.g., violations in data protection, in the submission of social security contributions)
  • High risks for employees or the company: Risks that mean sustainable restrictions for the company (e.g., violations in occupational health and safety, effectiveness of fixed-term contracts)
  • Legal requirements: Large business groups and corporations in particular are subject to various obligations (e.g., ACA, Stock Corporation Act, employee participation)
  • Customary industry regulations: Despite the lack of a concrete legal basis, individual requirements are to be complied with (e.g. green policy for sustainable production, equality and equal rights)

Company Succession

Are you planning to place your life's work in new hands? We accompany you in the purchase price determination, the preparation of the documents, the search for a suitable buyer or a successor in management up to the closing of the transaction.